Brick Wars LEGO Stop Motion Contest

Brick Wars LEGO Stop Motion Contest

Hey guys, welcome to the Brick Wars LEGO Stop-Motion Contest. For this contest you’ll be able to submit one LEGO brickfilm that you’ve made, there’s no timeframe so the video can be from any year, so it doesn’t have to be new. It just has to be your best work. You can make new ones for this contest, but you can use old ones. You might have a better chance of winning though if you make a new one. The show is kind of like American idol-ish for brickfilmers and will feature a playoff like bracket system to narrow down who is the newer. The show will feature a panel of judges, I’ll be the main judge and each episode will feature a guest judge.

So for the first four episodes, two videos will be selected. Myself and another guest judge will critique both of those brickfilms. Then you the audience will vote between the two videos to decide who moves on to the final round.

Each video that wins each round will compete in the final round on the fifth episode. The audience will then vote for which video is the best out of those four and that person will win Brick Wars along with some prizes. The winner of Brick Wars will a LEGO set, we’ve reveal the set on the first episode.

Videos submitted for the contest can’t include any copyrighted music, this is because portions of the brickfilm might be featured in a Brick Wars episode. The Brick Wars show will start within the next month, right now we’ll be collection submissions.

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