Brick Wars : Episode 5 “THE FINAL VOTE”

ChickenFeetFilms released the fifth episode of Brick Wars! For this episode of “Brick Wars” we vote for our favorite brickfilm from the past weeks. The winner of the contest will win a LEGO Captain America set. The four nominees are “Smile” by NickyMcVay, “Imposters” by adfilms97, “Lego Act Of Valor” by cabel28, and “The Two Towers In Two Minutes” by digitalwizardz. Enjoy the show and besure to vote for your favorite brickfilm below! 🙂

The four nominees for Brick Wars:

Vote for “Smile” created by NickyMcVay: CLICK HERE

Vote for “Impostors” created by adfilms97 : CLICK HERE

Vote for “Act Of Valor” created by cabel28: CLICK HERE

Vote for “The Two Towers in Two Minutes” created by digitalwizardz: CLICK HERE

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