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Official Press Release:

Launch of New LEGO Marketplace to Buy and Sell LEGO Items

New Online LEGO marketplace offers community of professionals and limited time commission free sales

Few collector communities are growing more quickly than the exciting world of LEGO buying and reselling. However, for the true collector and seller, online marketplaces with knowledgeable members and premier LEGO sets are few. Now, there’s a new, cost-effective alternative that promises to be a conduit for some of the best LEGO items available –

Brick Classifieds was created by the same team that developed, one of the Internet’s premier LEGO communities. Considered a definitive source of information on LEGO pricing, investing, deal finding and general information, BrickPicker has a membership approaching 40,000 that relies on the site for the best up to date information. Hearing their members’ lament for the need for an alternative marketplace that would cater to the most discerning collectors, investors, and resellers, brothers Jeff and Eddie Mack set to work. The result is Brick Classifieds.

While, as collectors, we will naturally use all available resources to find a great deal, general marketplaces such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Amazon and eBay are rife with inexperienced sellers and drop shippers – the unscrupulous examples of which will take your money and leave you to deal with unaffiliated wholesalers. The first advantage Brick Classifieds users will experience is the site’s connection to BrickPicker. Its thousands of users are highly experienced collectors and resellers that whose business depends on keeping impeccable reputations.

These types of sellers will ensure the very best in complete LEGO sets, parts, and minifigures are available. Collectible boxes, books and even manuals are also showcased for the hardcore collector. Meticulously categorized and featuring intuitive sorting tools, Brick Classifieds makes it easy to find whatever you may be looking for – be it a simple polybag minifigure or harder to find, highly collectible sets like those belonging to the Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s series. With every item, what you see will be what you get as all photos are of the actual item – no stock photos allowed. The site also boasts innovative features to make listing items easier than ever. With the eBay import feature, for example, you can instantly import a listing directly from eBay rather than having to make a new one. It’s the type of marketplace where a seller will be able to sell a 10179-1 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set without hassle or back-and-forth haggling – because the buyer knows the asking price will be fair and appropriate for what’s being offered.

Not satisfied to be ‘just another’ secondary LEGO marketplace, Brick Classifieds is bringing a new level of visibility to its users. Both the site and its listings will be posted on major LEGO websites, social media platforms, and search engines. This exposure will result in everyone from the casual hobbyist looking for a deal to the most savvy investors that are scouring the web heading directly to

One of the largest complaints from sellers in the community is the ever increasing commission fees being levied. In other marketplaces, fees often increase with the price of the item, and at times there are even combination fees that sharply decrease the amount the seller receives in the end. In contrast, Brick Classifieds has a set, very low commission fee. This doesn’t only benefit the seller – due to not having revenue lost through high commission fees, sellers will offer lower prices to the buyer. And now, for a very limited time, Brick Classifieds is offering zero commission sales. While this exciting new marketplace is being perfected, sellers will be charged no commission fees at all.

With its knowledgeable community and structure designed to save buyers money and provide sellers with more revenue than ever, is poised to become the ultimate online LEGO marketplace.

Visit the Brick Classifieds website: CLICK HERE

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