BRAWL 2012 Winner! – “Jurassic Floor”


For those of you that are unfamiliar with BRAWL, it stands for Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long, which is a contest hosted by This year it was hosted by BiM member “Goliathan”, who did a great job and will hopefully bring the BRAWL contest back to a consistent annual form. This year there were  20 entries, including myself and many other brickfilmers. The winner of this year’s contest was Twickabrick’s “Jurassic Floor”.

Twickabrick strikes again as he delivers to us another entertaining flick with amazing animation and keep in mind while watching it that he had to complete everything in under a weeks time. I was once again blown away by Twick’s skills and of course had to re-watch the thing several, many, (okay… hundreds) of times. Like his other films, he manages to make a completely enjoyable film without shoving the now “all too common” overabundance of digital effects down our throats. If I were to pick on anything, I would say that the film could have had a more cinematic feel in parts, possibly better angles, and trying an aspect ratio other than 4:3 (fullscreen) may not hurt. But of course, that’s just my opinion, and I do thoroughly enjoy the film. Even if it did totally beat my entry in the contest… hah!

Check it out, along with the other entries. There was a lot of really great films in this contest, and I already look forward to BRAWL 2013!


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