Bestia – Trailer


France et Alex: Youtube Website 

France & Alex have made some great films in the past. Some brickfilm epics, actually. Before seeing this promo for their new film, I highly suggest becoming familiar with their past work, because all of it is extremely well done. Check out Headache-Key and Gaston’s Odyssey.  Both of which were a major inspiration for me.

This trailer for Bestia, or “Beast”, based off true events from the 18th century, looks to be an adventure epic just waiting to happen. The trailer shows quite a bit of impressive footage and film work, and sold me on the project. The music is well done, the voice acting seemed strong (from what I can tell, being that I don’t speak French), and the animation looked to be above average, especially in the horse riding shots. Another impressive aspect, was the set design. The forest sets and the snow looked fabulous! I am seriously excited for this film to be released, and after you watch it, i’m sure you’ll agree with me. If I were to nit-pick, the one thing I would say is that I wished they would have used a different font for the text. Papyrus just didn’t quite do it for me. But that’s just me.

Overall, killer trailer. Anyone who sees it will be wanted more and will be looking forward to the finished product. So check it out, support them and their great brickfilms!

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