Base 327 – ARF’s Brother Arfy

Base 327 - ARF's Brother Arfy

Well look who decided to show up. Hope you guys like this new film! Stay tuned, because the next one, the final episode of our series, will be out within the next few months. But Base 327 will never end, not as long as you guys keep it alive with your own films, MOCs, and stories! After we’re done we’re passing the series onto you, the fans. Do with it what you will. Subscribe to BrickUltra so you don’t miss the new video and stay tune! Enjoy!

Note: We’re testing this out for the first few videos for 2015. Video’s we’ll be released as unlisted on the BrickUltra website either Monday-Thursday (several days in advance) before the video goes live on Youtube. It’s a way of giving dedicated fan’s thanks for coming to the website!

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