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I'm Taylor and I make vids with my friends. I make Lego animations, live-action vids, and more.

By Taylor Davis On 6 Apr, 2012 At 02:47 PM | Categorized As Weekly Articles | With 1 Comment

We got 28 entries this week, and some really great MOCs! I can only choose one though, so I decided to pick Liam4242‘s amazing build entitled “U-boat War“. We only get a single picture, but that’s really all we need. Just look at it. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to […]

By Taylor Davis On 30 Mar, 2012 At 11:08 AM | Categorized As Weekly Articles | With 2 Comments

Hey everyone. It’s Taylor and it’s time for the MOC of the Week! This week we got 27 entries, a LOT better than last week. Thanks guys! It was REALLY close and hard to choose a favorite, but I finally chose “Defense of the Armory” by username Firing Ax. Unfortunately as far as I know […]

By Taylor Davis On 23 Mar, 2012 At 01:27 PM | Categorized As Weekly Articles | With 2 Comments

Hey guys, Taylor here, it’s that time again. For this week’s MOC of the Week we got a earth-shattering 2 entries!!! That’s more then we’ve ever gotten!!! (only because this is the first week…) No I’m kidding, but having 2 entries does make judging slightly easier I guess… Anyway the winner this week is username […]

By Taylor Davis On 16 Mar, 2012 At 12:29 PM | Categorized As Weekly Articles | With 4 Comments

Hey guys! It’s Taylor and I will be running the Lego MOC of the Week category here on BrickUltra. Since finding just one MOC is so hard since there are so many good ones to choose from, I’ve decided to make it a contest. I’ve created this group on Flickr called “BrickUltra’s MOC of the […]