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I'm Taylor and I make vids with my friends. I make Lego animations, live-action vids, and more.

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Of the four Base 327 Christmas specials we’ve made, the third one (from 2011) is easily the most unique. It’s different from the other three in a lot of ways; for instance, the first, second, and fourth film’s plots revolve around Santa coming to the base around two weeks before Christmas to ask them what […]

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I was THIS close (gestures) to procrastinating and not writing an article today. But I just couldn’t let this day pass by without featuring a Irish-themed MOC. How could I, after seeing this? Check it out: “St. Patrick’s Day in the Museum“, by Simon S. If you couldn’t already tell, this is a museum and the leprechauns, […]

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So I was browsing the Flickr tubes, and this caught my eye. It’ll catch yours too. This is “Wharenui” by Ɲ. Just so you know, a wharenui (literally means “big house”) is a meeting house used by the Māori people in New Zealand (thank you Wikipedia). The carvings are symbols of the particular tribe’s ancestors, and the houses […]

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This lovely Halo Sangheili (Elite) was made by Kyle Peckham on Flickr. There are so many NPUs (nice piece usages… remember that) in this MOC it’s almost hard to believe. I really love the head on this guy. He also appears to be very posable, which of course is awesome. This might be one of the best […]

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Today Lego uploaded a video to their official channel announcing the results of the June CUUSOO review, and one of the four designs that reached 10,000 supporters before June was chosen to become the next official set! I could not be happier with these results, just watch the video to see for yourself. I will definitely try […]

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This is an impressive MOC by JeroenOttens. It’s a 1:100 scale model of the Hindenburg. First of all, it would take me years to get this many gray pieces, and second of all, it’s HUGE! It’s 2.45 meters long (that’s 8 feet!). Details include: – Captains’ gondola – Both passenger decks (fully equiped) – Radio & […]

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Happy Thanksgiving my American peeps! I thought I’d celebrate the occasion my doing something I don’t usually do… writing a MOC of the week post. This week I thought I’d highlight just a few of the awesome Thanksgiving MOCs I’ve seen on Flickr. (Also I finally figured out how to insert a picture into an […]

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Even though it’s only been a week, I’m featuring two MOCs this week. And no one can stop me :P. This is the “UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle” by N-11 Ordo. I’ve never played Mass Effect, nor do I know anything about it (*bangs head repeatedly on nearby table*), but after looking up an image or two […]

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Well there have been a lot of MOCs to choose from that have been entered over the past [six] weeks, and a lot of them were very good. I have chosen two that I thought were particularly interesting. The first is called “Karough, Dragsvold’s Capital” by K.Kreations. “The Frosted Window Panes framed the valley below. Clode […]

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Once again I’ve gone three weeks without writing an article. I REALLY need to get back on track. We got a lot of entries the past three weeks, and LOTS of good ones, but I finally had to choose Hammerstein NWC‘s build “Jedi Training Steampunk Style“. If I remember correctly, this isn’t Mr. NWC’s first win… […]