Adventures of Lego Minecraft Pt 1

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Minecraft lovers, come get your satisfaction! Even non-minecraft players (like myself…. *embarrassed*) will enjoy it. At first I was skeptical, because i’m usually not a huge fan of “themed” films (Batman, Star Wars, whatever), but this one stands on it’s own and it’s really good.

I personally love the overall mood and style of the film. The sound design is well done, and the music gives the film a great feel, especially at the beginning. The sound effects that are used, are fairly subtle and fit in really nicely. If I were to pick on one thing, I would say that the animation could have been a bit better in some spots, but overall it works just fine. The lighting is another great aspect of this flick. It’s not super complex or anything, but it just seems… nice.

Overall, whether you’re a minecraft fan or not, check this film out. I look forward to future episodes of the series. I’m already in love with Steve:D his cute little arms and everything… So take a look and be sure to subscribe and everything else, support the art of brickfilming!

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